Digital Solutions Review & Planning

  • Digital Solutions strategy
      • Map business activity against current digital solutions suite
      • Propose options for more effective use of existing digital solutions
      • Develop digital solutions strategy to support business growth
  • Specify business and technology requirements
    • Describe the business issues and situations to be addressed / supported by the digital solution
    • Write up the existing technology environment including factors that will impact the nature of the digital solution e.g. rural or remote location
  • Review and recommend digital solutions
    • Review and report on the fit to purpose of potential ‘ready made’ digital solutions
  • Lead procurement activity and projects

Christine is a font of knowledge, skills and resources. She constructively targets the ‘real’ issues and individualised ways for me to move forward with practical and realistic strategies.

Christine’s calm, patient, logical, sensitive and responsive nature allow her to help me to produce outcomes that have previously been out of reach.

Dr Nicoli Barnes