Who is Christine Smith?

Acute Guess was established in 2013, building on the skills, experience and insights of its founder, Christine Smith.

Greeting from Christine

Hello, I am Christine Smith, Director and Principal Consultant at Acute Guess.

Since establishing Acute Guess, I’ve specialised in providing consultancy services and executive business coaching to founders and purpose-led organisations in industries including the arts, education, allied health and cultural tourism, helping them create a better future.

I bring insights to my Consulting gained over more than 30 years in a wide range of roles. My track record demonstrates my ability to deliver quality, tailored support that positions you and your organisation to achieve desired outcomes.

My Passion & Approach

My passion is walking alongside key people in purpose-led organisations to complement and build on their core qualities – their knowledge, expertise and experience – and commitment to their mission.

My approach combines strategic insight with practical innovation, grounded by a deep understanding of my clients’ perspectives. I design strategies and communications that highlight clients’ unique strengths and resonate effectively with their audience and stakeholders.

My Mission & Values

My mission is positioning you to achieve your ‘why’.

I am dedicated to fostering cultural respect, ethical practice and innovative strategies that promote sustainable growth and meaningful change.

Connect with me

I am keen to connect with innovative thinkers and passionate leaders. So, feel free to message me on LinkedIn or send me an email.